Ghost tourism: travelling for spooks

What is it about haunted houses and tours that is so popular when travelling?

Is it the adrenaline rush, the thrill? Or is it a novelty experience you do for a laugh?

Ghost tourism- a booming industry 

Whichever the case the ghost tourism industry is booming.

A wonderful article to read on this is by ThunderTix here.

CBD Ghost Tours

As part of the research I booked in a ghost tour within Brisbane City called Ghost Tours CBD Walk. While in my final moments eating before making my way to King George Square  I was pleasantly surprised to find a group of 14 strangers waiting for the tour.

As we started on our walk I spoke to a woman from Toowoomba, Margaret Alger, 46 who said this was her 3rd ghost tour in her holiday to Brisbane. When asked what was so appealing about a ghost tour she simply said “the heritage aspect about it”.

While two attendees left within the first 30 minutes the rest of us just kind of giggled at the stories and her eerie makeup and verbal expressions of the words “blood”, “scratches”, “curling shrieks”.

There was one moment, however, that everyone got tested. We were made to walk alone, one by one, through a corridor at night where it was rumoured to be inhibited by the ghost of a woman.

Audio is below.

Did you hear the voices toward the end? Probably just the others waiting below but if you’re an audio expert please analyse it in the comments below.

It wasn’t until the end of the tour that the guide explained it was meant to be for fun that I realised the advertising was not correct. And that if you do want a real ghost tour you must do your research before forking out $30 because they all will blatantly promise fear.

So I’ve compiled a list of tours/places that have left people numb and terrified by the end. They are all located within the Brisbane area.

Authentic ghost tours

First thing you must take note of is that there’s a difference between ghost tours and ghost hunting. Ghost tours offer the novelty experience of stories and visits to unrestricted areas, and ghost hunting is the practice of walking into restricted areas with a torch, a camera and ghost finding equipment.

Here is a short list of authentic ghost tours and hunts in and around Brisbane:

1.  Abandoned Wacol Asylum

2. Boggo Road Jail

3. Toowong Cemetery

That’s it! You’re more than guaranteed a chill going through these places at night. There’s not many ghost tours that offer “real” ghosts. But the industry is booming for a reason- not everybody cares for authenticity.

Novelty, heritage, and thrill are all popular reasons why people participate in the ghost tourism.

Be sure to do your research first!

Much nerd,

Ninka xx


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