The future of air travel: mobile passports

Will you be using the new Mobile Passport Control app?

If you are a U.S. or Canadian citizen you have the chance to be among the first in the world to go through customs using your ‘selfie’ and your smartphone.

The app lets you skip the line at US airports as you go through a special lane after you’ve completed the four relatively quick and simple steps.  Once in the lane you show your paper passport and they will scan a digital, secure bar-coded receipt from your smartphone. The app is free and said to be highly secure as its sponsored by the Airports Council International-North America and authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The app was designed and developed by Airside Mobile, Inc. – a proven innovator in mobile technology for airport processes. They have been pioneers of mobile solutions to reduce wait times in the industry including mobile boarding passes, food delivery to the gate, expedited airport security programs, and more.

Their apps can be downloaded from the Apple Store under the names B4 You Board and Mobile Passport-Officially authorised by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

 B4 You Boardmobile passport officially
The idea is still fresh and in its trial phase and a good article to read about the specifications are by Future Travel here.

The app is a sample of an innovative look into the future of travel. So what does everyone think?

Comment your opinions below!


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