The distraction of the camera while travelling

Open your eyes and use them to look at the world purely- not jaded from the camera lens. Some things in life should be remembered by the feeling you get when you connect to the place. A camera can capture the picture but it won’t capture the moment. Most of the memories will be of you taking the picture. Put down the camera and observe the detail.

Photography and travel go together like peanut butter and jelly and at first the feeling won’t seem right. You’ll feel paranoid you’re missing out on a perfect picture of a place you might not visit again. But you’ve travelled so far for a reason- to enjoy the scenery.

Scenery you might not ever see again; air you might not ever feel on your skin again; people you might never speak to again; animals you might never hear again; a ground you might never touch again.

The habit will be hard to break, but if you have the freedom of lingering in the location, practice connecting with what’s around you.

Art studios at nature reserves

Giselle Luske from Giselle’s Art Studio in the Gold Coast Hinterland of Coomera says drawing is a practice that requires patience, and improves a person’s memory of the object or place in frame.

“To sit down in one area for a few hours, absorbing every little detail then interpreting that onto your page is something anybody can appreciate- something anybody can do. Sure, you can come to my classes and learn how to shade and what pencil to use when, but anybody can enjoy sketching and painting- there are no rules that are set in stone,” she says.

Put down the phone

In contrary with my last post, this will be one of those moments a smartphone (or technology) can distance you from the world. So think about swapping the electronics with paper. A relaxing process to go through is drawing or painting the scenery you’re in.

You will find you get to know where you are a lot more personally than to just take a photo and move on. If you observe from my drawing of the Mt. Tamborine Botanic Gardens above, you most definitely don’t need to be an excellent artist. So don’t feel prohibited by any level of talent you have.

Take a few snaps, then put down the camera so you can take it all in.

Much nerd,

Ninka xx


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