Not travelling like a tourist

Wherever you are in the world there’s always that season where tourists flock to your city and you wonder ‘why, just why, did you buy those tacky things on your heads?’ Those t-shirts and hats and stuffed toys. They stand out in the worst way. And sometimes when you go to travel and experience another life. You do too.

Understandably there’s only little time we have when travelling so we want to get the most out of our money. We buy those value deals cram-packed with those basics we’ve probably been most excited for and dreaming of since opening up that magazine at the travel agency. But why on earth do something we’ve all practically relived time and time again in movies, magazines, and photographs before? It’s the face-value of the place. 

Remove that tunnel vision that’s stuck on those tourist maps. Blend in and live on this world like you belong. Dare to be adventurous and get to know the locals around you. Discover the world like everyone should- like it’s our home. 

Hopefully this blog helps guide you off the beaten track to discover the destinations we trek to with a different view. You shouldn’t have to submit to the prescribed way of touristy travelling.

Looking forward to my post next week!

Much nerd,

Ninka xox


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